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About The Swiss Sustainability Initiative

Our Purpose

The Swiss Sustainability Initiative is an association founded upon a desire to take action, make an impact and not to sit around and wait hoping for our problems to solve themselves. We believe in the power of proactive and collective effort towards overcoming any obstacle, including the most pressing issue of our time - climate change. It is based on that fundamental conviction we want to fulfil our core purpose, which is to:

SSI Logo - About Us
  • Offer unique analytical insight in the domain of sustainability using various scopes

  • Promote collaboration and connectivity amongst young professionals entering the sustainability domain and to bridge the knowledge gap between young professionals and employers.

  • Promote sustainable practices for businesses, NGOs and government agencies in Switzerland and abroad to shape a better future for all stakeholders.

  • Weave a network of young sustainability professionals, experienced professionals and institutions to facilitate knowledge flows.

Our Principles


Robust Analysis


Stakeholder Governance

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